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Grassroots Tanzania Co. Ltd.
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa
+255 769 806657

Welcome to Grassroots Tanzania

Grassroots Tanzania is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2013 by Martin and Charlotte Hopley, a husband and wife partnership. Grassroots Tanzania works in community conservation & education. The organization operates in remote parts of the country. Our inaugural project is at Itumba Hill Singida.

Community Conservation & Education

Tanzania’s environment is being destroyed at an unprecedented rate. The environmental damage is going unnoticed due to the isolation of villages and the lack of understanding of the consequences of environmental degradation. Grassroots Tanzania seeks to work with these communities not only to prevent further environmental degradation, but to also to restore the fauna and support the communities with educational programs. Villages will be provided with the tools for self-reliance and sustainability in order to enable them to be independent and aid-free overtime. By developing an effective working model, we seek to replicate it across Tanzania within 5 years.da