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Grassroots Tanzania
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi Tanzania, East Africa                +255 713 969696 (TZ)               +44 7908 991754 (UK)

Welcome to Grassroots Tanzania

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Grassroots Tanzania is a non-for-profit organisation founded in 2013 by Martin and Charlotte Hopley, a husband and wife partnership. Grassroots Tanzania works in community based environmental conservation and education.

The VISION of Grassroots Tanzania is to unite people and the environment through compassion and mutual respect all to invest in a sustainable way of life. 

Our MISSION is to put an end to land degradation by delivering conservation and education programs to cultivate enduring self reliance within remote communities in Tanzania

The organisation operates in remote and isolated parts of the country, outside protected areas, where human development and natural resources have to coexist and environmental degradation occurs. Our inaugural project is at Itumba Hill, Singida, in Central Tanzania.

Community Conservation & Education

Despite the high percentage of land that is under protection (42%), Tanzania is facing various environmental challenges: Deforestation is happening at a rate of 5,000 square kilometres per year; Less that 50% of the population has access to water and water pollution is starting to be a problem; Overgrazing is resulting in soil degradation and desertification; Biodiversity is being threatened by over-fishing and illegal hunting. The environmental damage is going unnoticed due to the isolation of villages and the vastness of the country with the law being enforced in protected areas but environmental destruction happening everywhere else.

The main goal of Grassroots Tanzania is to work with these communities not only to prevent further environmental degradation, but also to restore the fauna, tree cover and soil fertility and, at the same time, improve the quality of life of the villagers. Sustainable development requires education in order to understand the dreadful consequences of environmental degradation but it also involves finding ways for people to cover basic needs without further damaging the environment. Grassroots Tanzania's model will be based in three main activities:

Our goal is to develop an effective, self sustainable, working model which we seek to replicate across Tanzania within 5 years.