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Grassroots Tanzania
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi Tanzania, East Africa                +255 713 969696 (TZ)               +44 7908 991754 (UK)


While there are many NGOs and not-for-profits operating in Tanzania, few of them work in remote areas where the need is perhaps the greatest. Inaccessibility, isolation, language barriers and limited opportunities for education and employment force people to rely on subsistence agriculture and grow cash-crops to generate some income for their families. Since people in these areas do not have access to sustainable farming techniques and their knowledge about environmental protection is limited, natural resources are being destroyed at an astonishing pace. As forests are cut down, soil loses fertility and water sources decrease, life in these areas becomes even harder for the local population. The result is a vicious cycle or poverty and environmental destruction. Grassroots Tanzania seeks to increase the opportunities available for these people by applying the principles of sustainable development.


In 2009 the Local Government handed Martin Hopley Itumba Hill Farm, an area of approximately 80 acres (32 ha), with the mandate to work towards its preservation. Despite the efforts, the Farm and its surrounding area have born witness to tragic events of environmental devastation as a result of increased pressure for cattle grazing, farming and the progressive destruction of local water sources. 

In 2012 Martin visited the farm with his wife, Charlotte, and after meeting with the Village Local Government they were asked to conserve and protect a further 1,800 acres (728 ha) surrounding Itumba Hill. In order to achieve this, Martin and Charlotte, along with Athman Majengo, founded Grassroots Tanzania and established a conservation project at Itumba Hill Farm. The objective is to work with the local community and local primary schools to support and enhance educational infrastructure and opportunities. The area is suitable for honey production, which will is a suitable income generating activity for the NGO and for the local population.

The conservation project is multi faceted and will encompass:

Itumba Hill Singida is located at the boundary of Kizigo Game Reserve, Tabora region. It is some five hours drive off-road from the nearest large town, Manyoni in Singida region, Central Tanzania.