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Grassroots Tanzania
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi Tanzania, East Africa                +255 713 969696 (TZ)               +44 7908 991754 (UK)

The Grassroots Team

Grassroots Tanzania has a team of experienced and skilled professionals in different fields who share a passion for the environment. As a learning organisation, they seek to share their expertise and partner with other like-minded organisations with the intention not to reinvent the wheel, but to find collaborative solutions to achieve their organisational goals.


Martin Hopley

Martin, a Tanzanian citizen, is a born bushman and has spent the entirety of his career working on safaris and in remote destinations. Starting his career as Farm/Camp Manager, during the 1990s he then went on to work as a Safari Guide at Tanganyika Film and Safari Outfitters. In the early 2000s he undertook his training as a Professional Hunter working with Miombo Safaris and TGT (Tanzania Game Trackers Safaris Ltd). Between 2010 and 2012, Martin worked as a freelance Safari Guide and Community Development Specialist until he was invited to join ZH Poppe Safari Adventures to establish their hunting and anti-poaching operations.

Martin’s expertise extends to managing camps, logistics and community development. At Grassroots Tanzania, he is responsible for all operations including their conservation activities (beekeeping, nursery and tree planting) as well as vehicle maintenance and camp building. He is also responsible for all staff management in remote areas as well as for the volunteer programs.

Photo of Martin Hopley

Charlotte Hopley (Coltman) MBA

With over 10 years experience in Financial Services, Charlotte began her investment career working at an Emerging Markets boutique investment firm. Progressing swiftly as an Analyst and Investment Manager, Charlotte was a member of the Aberdeen Asset Management’s highly regarded Fixed Income Investment team, managing global high yield investments. She then went on to establish Picus Capital’s investment arm, a leveraged finance hedge fund in 2004. Developing her passion for education she transferred to HSBC as the Learning & Development Manager where she was responsible for the development of all the investment personnel within their Global Private Banking and Asset Management business’ from interns to mature professionals. 

During her time at HBSC she was invited to represent their Global Businesses as their Charities Committee Member promoting sustainability and supporting the company’s charity work across the globe. Following the opportunity of redundancy, Charlotte moved to Tanzania in 2010 to work as Fundraising & Development Manager for the construction of St. Marie Eugenie Girls Secondary School under the initiative of the Assumption Sisters in East Africa. In 2013, she established Grassroots Tanzania to undertake community conservation and education development in the remote parts of the country. Charlotte is responsible for strategy development, accounting & finance as well as fundraising activities.

Charlotte is a UK citizen, resident in Tanzania. She holds an MBA from the Graduate Business School of Curtin University in Perth, Australia and is also a CELTA qualified professional. Charlotte married Martin in 2012, and they have one daughter, Isabel, and one son, Edwin.

Photo of Charlotte Hopley (Coltman)

Athman Majengo

Athman, a mature professional, brings a wealth of operational and field experience to Grassroots Tanzania. 

He started his career in catering working at the Mount Meru Hotel and, afterwards, at the New Arusha Hotel as a Food and Beverage Manager during the 1980s. In the early 1990s he undertook his professional hunter training and has accumulated over 20 years experience as a Professional Hunter for a range of companies including African Expeditions, Rainer Joesch Safaris, Traditional African Safaris and Game Trackers. Retiring from hunting in 2011, he works now as an Operations Manager for Small Business Solutions. 

At Grassroots Tanzania, he is responsible for strategic development and management oversight, as well as actively participating in local fundraising. Athman is a Tanzanian citizen who is married to Marian. They have 3 children: Amar, Kult and Ahamed.

Photo of Athman Majengo

Rose Kusaga

Rose is the office cleaner and cook. She joined Grassroots Tanzania in 2013 and is one of the most important elements of our office. she had a training in entrepreneurship and business in Give a Heart to Africa, an NGO based in Moshi.


Mr. Peter Hopley

Mr. Peter Hopley is the Camp Manager at Itumba Hill Singida. As a retired professional, Mr Hopley is doing what he loves. He is a retired engineer with a passion for Conservation, his green fingers should be insured as he not only is getting our conservation efforts up and running managing the nursery, he also manages the camp and overseas our honey production. He has a wealth of experience in East Africa since he was born and grew up in Kenya, This means that as a fluent Swahili speaker and native Tanzanian, he understands the challenges of working in remote regions of Tanzania, regularly representing us at village meetings. He is also spearheading our efforts to work with the villagers and the local village Committees. He is married and has lots of children, including Martin (his last born) and many more grandchildren, including Izzy and Edwin.

Mr. H Snr


Malekwa is a security guard & honey expert at Itumba Hill, Singida. He is Tanzanian and was born and grew up in Singida. He previously worked with Martin as a local employee for TGT (Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris) as a security guard. Based in camp, Malekwa is our resident honey expert and also takes care of security. He is also exceptionally knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna. In the picture he is showing off the mushrooms grown in camp.




Daudi is the camp cook at Itumba Hill, Singida. He is Tanzanian, from the local village of Kilumbi and also worked with Martin at TGT. Daudi has been with the Hopley's since the beginning, from the day Martin and Charlie decided to set up Grassroots Tanzania, having helped dig their car out the bush on New Year's day of 2012. New Year's had never been so exciting! Daudi, who is deaf, works as a general camp hand and a resident cook.



Pasqual-Alex Iooachim

Pasqual just joined the Grassroots Tanzania team as our carpenter. He was born in Ushirombo, Bukombe Region and he belongs to the Geita Tribe. He has been working locally as a carpenter and was working with Martin during the last year.



Elihuruma is a driver for Grassroots Tanzania. He comes from Moshi Kilimanjaro and he learned his skills on the job and met Martin Hopley when Grassroots Tanzaniza was renovating the warthog.  At that time had no fixed earnings and lived day to day

Elihuruma joined Grassroots Tanzania in June 2014 and is an exemplary mechanic and keeps the car running in the bush with limited resources. 


Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is an Accountant/Advisor. He has 21 years of not-for-profit experience and almost 30 years of total accounting experience. Michael has worked in accounting in health care and education. He holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a graduate degree in business administration and has a strong interest in international development. He was a voter registration volunteer during the last presidential election and recently completed a project as a Catchafire volunteer. Michael lives in Greensboro, NC in the US. He enjoys photography, travelling, bicycling, and spending time with his daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren in his spare time. Michael currently works remotely from the US assisting Grassroots Tanzania with their accounting and budgeting.

Michael Robinson

Katie Bunten-Wren

Katie Bunten-Wren is an M&E specialist with over 3 years experience living and working in East Africa, and 8 years experience in non-profit management. She holds a Master of Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management, where she focused on M&E and youth programming. Currently, she is the M&E Manager for a leading child protection organisation in Tanzania, Caucus for Children's Rights. Previously she spent two years working as M&E Coordinator at Mkombozi in Moshi, Tanzania. She has focused her career on creating innovative and balanced systems of measuring behaviour and attitudinal change surrounding issues of vulnerable children, education, and social change. Her areas of expertise include participatory M&E, children's rights, youth programming and project planning.

Katie joins the Grassroots TZ Team volunteering her free time as a consultant to advise us on our projects' M&E.

Katie BW