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Grassroots Tanzania
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi Tanzania, East Africa                +255 713 969696 (TZ)               +44 7908 991754 (UK)


Opportunities for education in remote parts of Tanzania are very limited for all children. A lot of children do not regularly attend school because they need to help their families in the farm, or the family doesn't have money for the school uniform and supplies, or (specially in the case of girls) education is not considered a priority. There is a shortage of trained teachers in Tanzania and they usually do not want to work in rural areas. As a result, the quality of teaching is very low in these rural settings. School books are few and far between and often only a teacher will have the class texts. According to the national statistics 70% of the children failed the exams to enter secondary education last year in Manyoni District.

Grassroots Tanzania believes that investing in education will have a multiplicative positive effect that will influence future generations in the area.

Our priorities regarding education are: