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Grassroots Tanzania
P.O.Box 8944, Moshi Tanzania, East Africa                +255 713 969696 (TZ)               +44 7908 991754 (UK)


Tanzania has vast areas covered by forests and woodlands; there are sting & stingless bees and a wealth of indigenous knowledge about beekeeping.  Grassroots Tanzania’s project site at Itumba Hill Singida is ideal for honey production due to its climate and plant diversity.  Honey production will enable Grassroots Tanzania to build a sustainable social business to ensure our core funding is not reliant on donors in the long term.  Our first harvest was in 2014 and today we have 124 hives and produce honey of both varieties, albeit small quantities at this stage.  Our current focus is to scale up our honey production until we can cover the organisation’s basic costs.

As well as providing local job opportunities and encouraging our staff to participate in our beekeeping activities, alongside we are working with local beekeepers.  Beekeeping is recognised as a useful income generating activity in rural villages and a good tool for development.  It is also an incentive for forest conservation and reforestation programs.  Grassroots Tanzania is working with local village cooperatives to purchase their honey and provide a market for their product.  Most small-scale beekeepers use traditional hives which are either carved from a log or using the tree bark.  The last kind is especially damaging since the tree dies after the bark is removed and as the hive is not very durable, the process of repeated many times over the years.  We are working with the villagers to promote the adoption of locally appropriate by environmentally friendly hives as well as provide training in beekeeping techniques.

Sponsor a hive

For our supporters, you can participate in our Beekeeping program.  By sponsoring a hive, you will support the training programs offered to the villagers as well as the installation, all year round management of a hive (or hives), harvesting and distribution of honey.  For £200* per hive, in return we will name your hive, send you a photo and certificate of support, provide updates about your hive (minimum once per annum) and send you a tote bag, pack of gift cards and a small jar of honey for you to enjoy!  We have a limited number of hives so do get in touch with Charlie ( so as to not miss this opportunity!


*2016 hive sponsorship.  Please note in naming your hive, we will not disrupt the bees.  Honey reliant on supply from harvest in May 2016